• Professor M’s School for Gifted Flippers

    In AFT we taught you basic product analysis, sourcing and pricing strategies and broadened your horizons beyond your niches into software, shoes and clothing, health and beauty and beyond. Most AFT members have been with us for over a year. In that time we’ve gotten to know each other, building a foundation of trust that has led to higher margins and exploding sales growth. Still, some of you have reached a personal plateau. Few of you have reached your full potential. In my new group, I will help you unlock the chains that held you back from #BALLERSTATUS.


    • How I charge over twice the price of my competitors while maintaining a SICK RANK and generating $600 in PASSIVE PROFIT PER DAY. (I realize this sounds kind of unbelievable, but you know me, I always back up my claims with solid proof.)
    • How to make margins in excess of 50% with access to an unlimited supply of stock.
    • How I found the product I wanted to sell (Amazon product research), located a specific supplier who was already making the product (this info is NOT publicly available anywhere), and negotiated the best price.
    • How I ranked my item up to ~1500 without giving away any free product, soliciting reviews or outside promotion of any kind.
    • How to design Amazon product pages specifically geared to selling mass quantities of product.

    I am super excited about helping you reach the next level of flipping!

    Access to Professor M’s School for Gifted Flippers is ONLY available to current AFT members. School starts January 1st, 2016. Join now for $497. (This is a special discounted price for AFT Members ONLY. If this course is ever made available to the general public the price will be $697) See the post in AFT Proper for payment link.
    Not a member? Join AFT.

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