• Professor M’s Flip Force!

    Flip it super good!


    Now introducing Professor M’s Flip Force! Professor M has issued a BOLO Alert and his Flip Force is charged with cleaning up the streets (and stores) of America! Now’s your chance to join the team!

    For the past few months I have been privileged to be involved in a mini mastermind with 3 other retail arbitrage masters. In this time we have shared many, many profitable sourcing leads per day. One of our members made over $25,000 in PROFIT from his finds in just one month! There’s no secret to this kind of success. All it takes is two kinds of action: hard work and networking.

    This month we are taking the mini-mastermind formula to the next level and opening up a spot for you.  Here’s the skinny:

    • Every Member Posts 2 BOLOs per Week.  No Exceptions.

    • Enjoy a Consistent Stream of Opportunities to Profit

    • Become a Better Sourcer By Constantly Pushing to Match your Peers

    • Stay Motivated by Getting in Stores on a Weekly Basis

    Instead of having just 4 people posting multiple times per day, we’re asking each member to post two finds per week. We’ll limit the group to 200 members and we’ll require everyone to maintain accounts in good standing or face immediate removal from the group. This ensures a level playing field for all members. It’s never fun to remove people from a group like this, but to establish a true meritocracy we must have and enforce rules.

    If we achieve our 200 member goal, you’ll be looking at 400 new product leads every week! Some will be high margin, many will be rare, some will be easy to find and others will be best sold in volume. At the end of the day, it will be up to you to choose which leads are best for your business and which you’d prefer not to pursue. It’s always good to have options!

    By asking for two leads per week, we hope to share in the freshest, most up to date product leads of any group on Facebook. This will be a team of hardworking, blue collar, boots on the ground, results driven heroes! To qualify, every product shared must show at least $5 profit at the current buy and sell prices.  It’s fine to post items that show less profit per unit, but they will not count toward your weekly contribution.  Professor M’s lovely Virtual Assistant will track member contributions on a daily basis.

    Professor M’s Flip Force is all about the in store retail arbitrage BOLOs. Online flips, long term holds, speculative plays and other strategies are better left to the advanced flipping discussions held in AFT: Amazing Flips & Tips.


    I’m already a member of AFT: Amazing Flips & Tips.  How is this different? Why would I also join Professor M’s Flip Force?

    AFT: Amazing Flips & Tips is the premier, unparalleled, proven mastermind community of Amazon selling experts.  It is a safe place to discuss high level strategies for improving business efficiencies and increasing margins, obtaining wholesale accounts, getting approved to sell in gated categories, share online deals and sourcing methods and many other professional topics.  An AFT: Amazing Flips & Tips membership also provides significant discounts and rebates on popular seller tools.  By distinction, Professor M’s Flip Force will focus on in-store sourcing opportunities ONLY.  Professor M’s Flip Force does not seek to revolutionize your mindset.  It will, however, increase your product finding ability by a lot.

    What if I’m a member of another BOLO group?

    That’s fine.  It’s good to have options!  For our purposes, we ask that you do not share member finds to other groups, with the exception of your own finds, which you may share anywhere you wish.  As part of the signup process, you will sign a standard non-disclosure agreement to ensure the integrity of our data.

    Whether you are a million dollar seller or just getting started – this group is for you!  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the most vibrant sourcing group on Facebook EVER.  Join today!

    Please be sure your Paypal information (name, email, physical address) is up to date as this info will be used for any necessary communication regarding this group.  Thanks!

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