• Fall in Love… with a Podcast

    I recently had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed for Stephen Peterson’s wonderfully diverse eCommerce Momentum podcast.  I’m an introvert, so these kinds of things are never easy for me.  In fact, I’d been putting off recording the podcast for almost a year.  Peterson would drop me a line, “Hey are you ready?”  And my response would be something like, “You should interview Ryan Wateska!”  And he did and that bought me some time (phew!).  But Peterson was persistent.  “I have to have you in my top 100,” he’d say.  Crickets from me.  Finally, though, the seventh ask proved the charm.  I got my guts up and launched Skype.  It was happening.

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    eCommerce Momentum is all about the “people, products and processes of e-commerce selling today.”  These sessions breeze by for the interviewee as Peterson expertly sets the tone and pace.  In preparation the night before I’d lost sleep making copious notes just in case I froze up.  “He’s probably going to ask me which podcasts are my favorites, so let me write those down.  Oh, and books I’ve been reading, so I’d better list those.  He might ask me what insights I get from those sources, so I’d better throw together a brief outline.  Well, an outline is good, but complete sentences are better!”  The anxiety was getting out of control, but I was producing!    

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    The interview was over in the blink of an eye.  Peterson’s style is more intense than the surface suggests.  He will straight up theorize a definition for you, what you represent to the e-commerce ecosystem, and seems to thoroughly enjoy teasing out whether or not he’s right.  He’s also completely unafraid to share, nay assert, an opinion, however gently.  All the while he maintains a relaxed, reassuring vibe that makes even the most skittish subject feel at ease.  These are the nuts and bolts of a truly great podcast.  Thank you, Stephen, for the hard work you put into every episode.  Your craftsmanship shows!

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